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BuddyGoDutch helps international students meet Dutch people and vice versa. We provide a personal buddy program for Dutch students and international students from all over the globe. This way both parties can learn about each other’s culture! 

Our buddy program 

If you are an international student in Utrecht looking for a friend or a Dutch student looking to become friends with an international. You can sign up for the program at the beginning of every semester. After signing up, we host a Matching Event where you can meet the others who applied. We will use your personal interests and preferences to match you with your ideal buddy. For more info about the program, visit our matching process page here.

Activities and events

Once you are matched you can attend our weekly events together with your buddy. Here you will meet other students both international and Dutch. It is the perfect environment to discuss culture, politics, traditions, all the while practicing languages and customs that might be very foreign to you! You are free to meet up with your buddy in your own time!

We organize activities ranging from pub crawls and ice skating to dinners and parties. Here is the link to our activities calendar. If you want to know more about our activities go to the activities page, or visit our Facebook page.  Even if you are not a buddy with us, you are still welcome to join our activities. See you soon!

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