About us

BuddyGoDutch is a young non-profit organisation that was founded in 2010 by and for students. The goal of this organisation is to accomplish a better integration for the hundreds of international students that come to the Netherlands every year. BuddyGoDutch is firmly established in the student world with around 700 international and Dutch students

This means that we connect international students 1 on 1 with Dutch students during their stay. The idea is that the Dutch students meet up with their international buddy to exchange culture in a personal way. In this way, Dutch students get the chance to give their time as a student more international depth, increase their language skills and to travel around in their own country, The Netherlands! It is also a nice way for the international student to get to know Dutch culture and student life. A local is so much more fun than a paper travel guide. Furthermore, it can be the beginning of a fun international friendship.

The role of BuddyGoDutch does not stop after matching the students. Through a board that changes each year, activities are organised to let all the participating students get to know each other and to show even more of The Netherlands. Examples can be found on this website, take a look around and get inspired by quite a few successful BuddyGoDutch-years! 

Every year in September and February there is a fresh start with a new group of internationals and Dutch buddy’s. Couples will be formed for one semester. The board from the organisation changes once per year in the summer break.

After the past years we are now able to say that the project is operating satisfactorily and that it is certainly of added significance to the Dutch and international students.