The aim of our buddy program is to a create friendships between international and Dutch students. To achieve this, a personal connection with your buddy is very important. Therefore we have a unique personal  buddy system between Dutch and international students. To make sure you and your buddy click, we try to match people according to personal interests, character, and preferences.

The sign-up for our buddy program is completely free! To match you with a suitable buddy, we ask you to fill out some questions in the sign-up sheet. We ask about your personal interests and hobbies, your character, and availability. We store this information with your personal contact information in our membership database. We use this information only for matching purposes.

Matching Event
At the end of the sign-up period we organise the Matching Event. At this event, you will get to meet others who have also signed up to become a buddy. We will host rounds in which you will speak with many different people. At the end of the evening, you give us your top 5 of people who you’d like to be your buddy, this way your personal preferences can be taken into account during the matching process!

We therefore strongly recommend to attend the Matching Event, to ensure you get a suitable buddy. However, attendance is not mandatory in order to participate in the buddy program. You will still get a buddy if you are not able to go to the Matching Event.

Buddy matching process
After the sign-up closes and the Matching Event has passed, we will start matching Dutch and international students. During the matching process, we take your top 5 from the Matching Event and personal interest from the sign-up sheet into account. Matching will take some time, since we have to match hundreds of students. You will get an email with the contact information of your buddy when the matching process is over, typically within two weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the matching process and anything related to it you can contact us at: