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Interested in getting a Dutch or International buddy? Are you an international student in Utrecht and do you want to experience Dutch student life first hand? Or are you a Dutch student who would like to learn a new language or get to know new people from all around the globe?

Then you should sign up for our Buddy system! After the sign-up period a matching event is held, where you will meet the others who applied to be a buddy. Then we will match you according to who you liked at the matching event, personal preferences, and interests. You can find more information about the matching process here.

The sign up for our buddy system is open!
Follow the link to the sign-up sheet and fill out the form, and you will get a confirmation email. More information about the matching event and matching process will be sent to your email address. If you have any questions about the sign-up sheet or the buddy program, feel free to email us at

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