More and more students leave home to study abroad. Every person embarking on this journey does so with their own motivation, history, cultural background and personal interests.

Above all, it is very interesting to step out of your normal daily life and experience a different culture. You’ll get to realize how much culture influences your own way of living. By comparing just ordinary things like cooking, studying and the way of discussing things you’ll see that there are a thousand different ways of living life. Because of this, intercultural contact will not only expand your view, it enriches you and stimulates personal growth.  On the other hand, getting to know other cultures leads to a better mutual understanding, which is so important for good international cooperation.

Personal growth
Besides the possibility to improve your Dutch, Spanish or Russian and to develop Italian cooking skills, our buddy program will give you some more profound insights. By mixing international students with the Dutch locals, we like to share interesting stories and fun facts. For example, remarkable stories about the Rumanian mafia or the strictly censored politics in China will undoubtedly adapt your way of interpreting the world. It makes you think about the kind of country you live in and the relative freedom you have. Personal contact with people from all over the world really opens your eyes!

Cultural understanding
Cultural understanding does not only enrich you as a person, through intercultural contact more understanding will be created. This is important in developing a good and just international collaboration. Cultural understanding is a value that’s gaining more and more importance in a globalizing world.